A Little White Ball

I’ve been a PGA Golf Professional since 1996 and have worked in the golf industry since I was in high school.  Throughout my 20+ years in being involved in golf, the most important lesson I’ve learned has nothing to do with a little white ball, a good swing and a tiny hole far off in the distance.  The most important lesson I’ve learned from the game of golf revolves around building authentic relationships.

I value and honor my relationships with others above everything else in this world and I’m so blessed to be able to use the game of golf as a means to forge and nurture those relationships.  Golf has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world and connect with people from all walks of life.  It is through these relationships, that I find wisdom, happiness, accountability, strength, encouragement, and a love for serving others.

Golf is a game that reveals character, integrity and the spirit that resides inside of you.  It will test your temper humble you and shake your moral fibers.  More importantly, golf allows for companionship with friends and an opportunity to show grace, kindness and generosity to others.

So I encourage you, don’t look at golf as just a challenging game that can make you pull your hair out!  Look at golf as a way to learn about the people you’re spending time with, how you can add value to their life and put a smile in their heart.  Because at the end of your “round of life”, what will matter to you most…making that hole-in-one way back when…or the person that remembers you for making a positive impact in their life?

Best Wishes & Blessings!


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